The channel of love

Dany Marquis

Heart latte I've been a barista every Sunday morning for a long time. And although the lifting of the body on this Lord's Day is difficult, I appreciate the moments of tranquility, enhanced with a little jazz, in which I welcome customers drop by drop. And in this morning fauna, I can spot some interesting specimens, which can also be seen during the other days of the week. However, there is one in particular to whom I give all my attention and expertise. Note, that I do not neglect my other clients, but this one gives me faith And faith is strong, it allows you to move mountains, and to make sublime lattes. I call him the gentleman. We recognize him by his face still puffy from sleep, his small eyes, disheveled hair, a sinister expression, alone, having left the comfort of the marital bed, facing the humidity, the cold, and the wild animals to go to the local café . Usually not very talkative, he arrives at the counter and orders two drinks. One for him, and one for his girlfriend. There is even one who carries around in his wallet the recipe for his beautiful, capricious damsel's drink. Skimmed milk, maple syrup, chocolate, two shots of espresso, all on ice and blended... In short, enough to take notes...

This morning, a gentleman asked me for a maple latte. Nice thing he said, it's for my wife. And it is thanks to this type of encounter that my faith in humanity regains points. It's comforting to see gestures of love. It's heartwarming to see people love each other. I'm a softy :-)

For my part, I have learned over the years of married life that giving love does not necessarily happen easily. What we think will please the other may not necessarily be what will please them. The act of giving must disconnect 100% from the feeling of satisfaction we get from giving. And if we are attentive, we will end up discovering what I could call “the channels of love” and aiming exactly in the bullseye when we want to demonstrate our love to someone. Because that’s the goal, to say I love you with a gesture. And at this level, being offered a coffee on Sunday morning is, for many, an action that speaks volumes. Perfect compatibility with the love channel.

And this morning, the young lady who received her hot latte with maple syrup must have felt loved. Because he personalized the latte, with maple. Not caramel, maple syrup, and he told the barista to make it hot. If he brings his girlfriend a cold caramel latte, the gesture could create a different reaction...

So there are several of us who have the same love channel, which we must personalize, but which is based on a café. I am therefore very proud to work on a product which serves as a medium for declarations of love. Of course, we can declare our love in the manner of the Cyrano balcony scene but on a daily basis, we must find small surgical gestures which will pass directly into the channel of love to reach the heart of our life companion.

And you, do you know anyone who has the love channel plugged into their coffee cup?

Danny Marquis
Tribe leader, entrepreneur, 418 far-east, coffee, motorcycles, martial arts, part-time zen. father of 4 champions and baby dragon.


  • Linda

    :) J’aime ton essai Dany. Ou est le ‘like’ option pour le comment?

  • Marie-france

    De croire a l amour c est merveilleux merci pour la belle lecture ce matin xx

  • Suzanne Boulanger

    Salut Dany,

    Bien d’accord avec toi! J’espère qu’il y aura assez d’amour autour de toi pour compléter l’objectif de ta levée de fond! Je te le souhaite…

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