Happy New Year 2013!

Dany Marquis

Thank you all for this beautiful year 2012, freshly finished. Thank you for sharing our passion. Without you, the adventure of roasting coffee by the sea in Gaspésie would be impossible. thanks too to my team who keeps the ship on course through thick and thin and who keeps morale up even when the captain has to tighten the rations of rum and cheese. We may not have the best ship but in 2012 we demonstrated that we knew how to go up the wind and sail close-hauled when many would have adjusted the sail to go small. As Seneca would say, “No wind is favorable for him who does not know where he is going" and we went where we wanted to go. We have finished the year under full sail and entered the port as a champion, exhausted but satisfied and proud of everyone's performance.

So, a little well-deserved rest before starting 2013, and like this year does not exist yet, I wish you to listen to your heart, to keep balance and trust yourself. No one can predict what the future holds, and prophets of doom abound for us make a list of the pitfalls that may stand in your way. So, action! And we don't forget to laugh! Besides, I'll leave you with a little pun:

A business advisor walks on the platform, he sees a sailor stick his head out of a small porthole, to begin the conversation, he said to her:

-   Wow, what a necklace!

Good year!

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  • Guylaine

    Féicitations ! vous êtres l les meuilleurs d’entre tous. Merci être là! à toujours ! Bonne vie 2013 et prospérité !

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