New coffeeshop rule :

Dany Marquis

Since we all live together on the same planet, and in order to be able to live in harmony and avoid the law of the strong takes over, we must set certain rules of cohabitation. Our daily lives are filled with this type of rule, many of which are forced by law, because the common man needs a little coercion to follow. Compliance with road safety rules is one example. And we even pay police to enforce them. There are other kinds of common sense rules that have evolved over time. If at one time, blow your nose with his shirt sleeve did not surprise anyone, it is quite different today. Someone who dares to cough freely, without putting the crook of his elbow, would be seen as a propagator of deadly viruses. There is no law on this subject and the word is passed to establish a rule of common life.

I have lots of examples to give you, but I'll get right to the point because my list of things to do is long.

I think it is high time that we set up a rule to set once and for all the space that is acceptable to take when visiting a coffeeshop. In this way, the baristas and the management will not have to break the party of your moment by coming to tell you that you take too much space on the table.

So, if you are the student type, self-employed, and you decide to work at your favorite coffeeshop, because you feel so good there, know that from now on you will have a very specific rule to follow.

You have your laptop, cell phone the size of 3 chocolate bars, a pencil case, a textbook, your coat, etc., and you need all this gear to take advantage of the time you spend in the coffee.

We understand that you work hard, that the stakes are high and that success depends on several small gestures and a flawless discipline.

But here you are, not alone. Raise your head and look around. You will see other individuals who also would like to take advantage of this space.

If you take a table that can sit 6 people, you alone, you create, perhaps without knowing it, a lot of bad energy.

And that, the bad energies, it's bad.

Bad for your studies. Very bad even.

You do not know how bad bad energies are.

If you could see them, it's ugly, very ugly.

The people around you have already judged you, and identified you as a selfish narcissist putting his needs first without regard to the impact on his surroundings. It generates bad energies.

The baristas have already judged you as another '' cursed unconscious student who monopolizes the place and makes other customers turned back when notice the lack of space and do not dare disturb the said student. Lots of tip are lost. '' That, it generates a lot of bad energy because the barista is often also in the same situation and takes up too much room at the table of a coffee. It's a toxic spiral.

The owners of the café who also judged you, with your only coffee bought, which give you the impression to have the right to take 6 places. Yes, maybe you had a $ 6 drink, but you had 10 people go back and drink $ 6. Do the math. This energy is less toxic because it comes mainly from a person who has a lot of privilege, an entrepreneur, a person who does business, but we do not take luck, and eliminates all sources of poisons.

In order to be in the positive, the abundance, the love and the harmony, to play it feng shui, and to allow you to be in a real position of success by eliminating the disgusting negative energies, I suggest you the following rule :

When you go to a cafe and want to work there, study, the space you have the right to take is proportional to the width of your buttocks + 6 inches.

So, if everyone agrees, we say to ourselves:

Width of buttocks + 6

Because I believe that bad energies are greatly underestimated in pursuit of our personal goals.

So, if everyone respects this simple rule, everyone will be able to positively enjoy the beautiful space that your favorite coffeeshop offers you while putting the cosmos in line with our personal goals.

So if you agree with me, share this message and try to reach consensus. We will reduce the bad energies and put our students and self-employed workers in a position of success.

Dany Marquis




  • Huguette Berthelot

    Bravo Dany pour ce texte si bien écrit comme d’habitude qui décrit la réalité avec cette belle plume qu’on te connait.
    J’aime bien ta façon humoristique de suggérer avec beaucoup de doigté que l’ individualisme de certaines personnes devrait rayonner un peu moins large. Et la largeur des fesses + 6 , j’adore cette manière de dire : vous n’êtes pas seul sur cette planète.
    Huguette Berthelot

  • Élodie Brideau

    Excellente publication Dany! Mon bout préféré: “Cette énergie est moins toxique car elle provient majoritairement d’une personne qui a beaucoup de privilège, un entrepreneur, une personne qui fait de la business…” J’ai bien ri en le lisant. Surtout en connaissant la réalité des “privilégié.es” Gaspésien.nes! Merci!

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