Burundi Coffee - Gashoho Muyinga

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Burundi Coffee - Gashoho Muyinga

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The province of Muyinga is less known for coffee than Kayanza or Ngozi in the west of the country, but that is precisely why JNP Coffee and its quality team wanted to invest there. Burundi, like Rwanda (Burundi's northern neighbor), is a gifted territory for coffee: the altitudes are high, the soils are fertile, and its Arabica crops are unique in the world. The province of Muyinga is no exception but has not seen the same level of investment as the more developed coffee-growing regions near Bujumbura. JNP Coffee has been running a processing station in Ngozi for years, and its popularity has grown over time. During the last harvest, they started receiving cherries from another group of farmers, from the municipality of Gashoho, just across the border from Muyinga. You are about to taste this brand new and unique batch of Gashoho, a real exclusivity.

The 2021 harvest in Burundi was relatively small, and the demand for natural coffees is higher than ever, so this small batch of Bavyeyi III is a real exclusive for this year! Very few people will have the chance to taste this African gem. You will initially distinguish the notes of sun-ripened blackberries that create a juicy and sweet impression on the tongue. Then, it is in the more subtle notes of yellow nectarine, with a sweetness of caramel that Gashoho Muyinga brings you. The whole thing ends with a dense chocolatey final structure and notes of lemon acidity. All delicacy on the palate.





Mûre, chocolat, nectarine, citron & caramel

Variété botanique

Burundi Bourbon





Plusieurs producteurs organisés autour de la station de traitement Bavyeyi III


1715 m


Gashoho, Province de Muyinga, Burundi