Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Vintage Typica Bourbon

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Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Vintage Typica Bourbon

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Roue des saveurs de Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Vintage Typica Bourbon


San José Ocaña Finca was purchased in 1910 by the Lazo family and has remained in that family since. From the beginning, this family has always exploited the land in the most sustainable way possible. Going from a forest farmstead to a quality coffee production estate, which only focuses on the specialty coffee market. The estate has everything to be a great coffee producer. It's located at high altitudes, has rich mineral soils, and has many high-quality coffee varieties. Their mission is that every coffee bean leaving their field must be of the highest grade possible and must be sustainable.

The Bourbon variety is a mutation of the strain of Moka once offered by the Sultan of Yemen himself. This variation represents the pursuit of coffee the European countries were engaged in during the 17th century. The very first Bourbon plants were bred at the French Royal Garden. In this micro-lot produced by Guillermo Sanchez, it is possible to discover notes of jasmine, plum, cocoa, and raisin. It's quite a pleasure to savour.





Floral, jasmin, prune, cacao, raisin & miel

Variété botanique

Typica Bourbon





San José Ocaña


1905 - 1955 m


San Juan Sacatepéquez, Département du Guatemala, Guatemala