Burundi Coffee - Ubuto Karuzi

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Burundi Coffee - Ubuto Karuzi

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This coffee comes from the heart of Africa, Burundi! A small country neighboring Rwanda and Tanzania. Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, the founder of JNP coffee, is one of the most influential people in the Burundian coffee world. Raised in Bujumbura, she went on to complete an MBA at the Kellogs School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. She later reconnected with her native country by founding Burundi Friends International, an organization that funds education and economic development programs in Burundi. She then founded JNP coffee, which aims to promote women. Ubuto is a partnership between JNP and the Karuzi region.

This Burundi Bourbon is a smooth and fruity micro-lot and so succulently sweet. I like to compare this coffee to the legendary combination of a graham cracker with a freshly made jam from grandma's. It's just a real treat to enjoy. With an acidic clarity with a touch of lime and a delicate floral layer, this coffee will enchant you with its long fruit notes such as green apple, grapes, and dates. Then it will charm you with its classic, round blend of milk chocolate and almond to finish with a bitter, but not overly cocoa aftertaste. Enjoy a complex cup that comes to light and illuminates, creating a memorable experience, the pride of Burundi.





Lime, pomme verte, herbal, cacao, raisin, amande & chocolat au lait

Variété botanique

Burundi Bourbon





200 producteurs organisés autour du groupe Ubuto


1700 m


Province de Karuzi, Burundi