Ethiopia Coffee - Wayicho Sidama

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Ethiopia Coffee - Wayicho Sidama

approximately 2 $ / cup

Roue des saveurs de Ethiopia Coffee - Wayicho Sidama


Harvests in the Sidama zone are slightly earlier than in more southern zones such as Gedeo and Guji. Thus, the washed lots are often the first quality lots exported from Ethiopia. The Wayicho cooperative takes care of crucial activities, that often fly under the radar, such as training producers in organic practices and investing in basic infrastructure. All coffees produced in the Gedeo Zone in south-central Ethiopia qualify for the Yirgacheffe label, which is a sub-region of the zone, and are characterized by diverse endemic coffee varieties, low production volume, and very high quality. Indeed, what is distinct from Gedeo of all Ethiopia is that an agroforestry system is used to better profit from the land used.

This coffee meets all the criteria of excellent Sidama coffee. The combination of citric aromas centered here on lemon with floral notes is a gentle, but not subtle reminder of the coffee's provenance. Discover in the cup an organic coffee with the sweetness of honeydew melon noted blueberries with the omnipresent presence of black tea and pear throughout the experience.





Floral, citron, melon, poire, thé noir, cassonade, bleuet & agrumes

Variété botanique



Double lavage



Plusieurs producteurs organisés autour de la Coopérative de Wayicho


1600 - 1800 m


District de Wayicho, Sidama, Région des nations, nationalités et peuple du Sud, Éthiopie