Café-boutique manager (annual full-time)

Do you love people and is hospitality a great value for you that you would like to put into action?

I have something for you, come work with us, and help us welcome the 200,000 people who come to see us in our café every year.

Why do we want your talent?

Beyond the quality of our products, our expertise, the magnificent location of the workplace, we are proud to offer personalized working conditions that correspond to the reality of each person.

Brulerie du Quai and Chaleur B Chocolat are a team of enthusiasts, who are fully aware of the impact of their work on the happiness of our customers.

We produce happiness through our two divisions, coffee and chocolate.

And at the heart of all this work, it’s the people who are most important.

Our team is made up of varied personalities, but all members have one thing in common: they share the same values ​​and want to give customers maximum value.

And in this motivated team, we are missing a very important player, the one who will take care of our popular and almost mythical café-boutique.

This store is the gateway for the majority of our customers and our main showcase to demonstrate what we can do. It is also an important social place for the community, a gathering place during the winter and a place completely essential to the Gaspé tourist experience during the summer. It is also the main place of recruitment for our Web customers who come to see us and subsequently adopt us by purchasing our products all year round. Taking charge of this portion of the business requires a deep understanding of the concept of hospitality and human relations, while keeping in mind the organization's objectives and its strategy.

If you see yourself in this position, well we already miss your talent!

What a working day would look like:

  • As a member of the management team, you act as a bridge between management and the store's employees and customers.
  • You ensure that each person on your team has what it takes to give their best.
  • You ensure that the physical environment is optimized so that people feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • You work in a team to ensure that clients obtain the advice best suited to their needs;
  • You ensure that the baristas respect the high standards of beverages and service.
  • You ensure that the customer store is always alive, dynamic and that the products are put to their best advantage on the shelves.
  • You make schedules and take care of replacements when necessary.
  • You are part of the team that will choose, welcome and train new employees.
  • You are capable of mastering all positions in the store.
  • You make the necessary purchases so that nothing is missing and know your inventory.
  • You discuss the store's objectives with management and put strategies in place to achieve them.
  • You master the use of the cash register and the various software connected to it.
  • You monitor CSST, First Aid and MAPAQ files for the store.

You meet our requirements for excellence if:

  • You like working in a team #solidarity
  • You know how to manage a work team
  • You control your stress and your emotions #ZenNinja
  • You are organized and autonomous
  • You communicate effectively
  • Your professional ethics impress us
  • Your happiness and energy are contagious and contribute to the work atmosphere
  • During the months of July and August, you are prepared to work 40 hours weekdays and weekends. The rest of the year, the schedule is 32.5 hours.

That’s it for the “Being” side, and now the skills:

  • Computer skills: Office Suite, Google, Lightspeed, Agendrix
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, great listening skills and excellent oral and written communication skills, in both French and English
  • Be a person of action: be versatile and be able to adapt to priorities without delay since they can change quickly
  • Great teamwork skills
  • Excellent sense of initiative and positive attitude
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to find solutions to different problems (the show must go on)
  • Have a minimum of 1 year of experience in similar work (management)
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience in catering or retail

Let's say that after reading you don't respond 100% to the definition. No problem, we will support you, coach you so that you can occupy the position well.

All members of the team are constantly evolving, like a sports team, we work on our strengths and weaknesses to be the best.

Why work for the success of Brûlerie du Quai and Chaleur B Chocolat?

The time for one-way hiring is over, every hire is based on a win-win relationship. We're going to choose each other.

You occupy the position and you participate in the success of the team and on the other side:

You have :

  • Competitive salary, continuing training, performance bonus

And what sets us apart:

  • Free unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other beverages during work
  • Flexibility, work-family is a priority
  • Management based on the employee who is at the center of decisions (employee happiness)
  • Exceptional working atmosphere
  • Training and individual development program
  • Gym and paid training

Contact us, all that remains is to plan our meeting.