Rekrow ActionFlame RK 4601 precision burner
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Rekrow ActionFlame RK 4601 precision burner

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The butane micro-burner is an essential accessory for baristas who are adept at the siphon filter coffee method. It is common among baristas to replace the standard burner which is supplied with the siphon, with a "professional" burner (more efficient and more precise).

Among the criteria to be taken into account when choosing a burner, we cite the level of control it allows, the homogeneity of the heat, the speed of heating, the safety options ...
At the Brûlerie du Quai, we use and recommend this Rekrow brand model, called ActionFlame RK 4601, for the excellent value for money it offers.
The RK 4601 precision burner is the perfect addition to the Hario Siphon Next, for a very clean finishing coffee.