guatemala coffee - finca medina

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guatemala coffee - finca medina

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Roue des saveurs de guatemala coffee - finca medina


There are many subtleties to this community lot from the Antigua region. Cultivated on small family farms and transported to the post-harvest processing facility at Finca Medina. Finca Medina works directly with a selected group of farmers who share a common commitment to their farms and the environment. It helps these producers access technical support regarding best farm management practices, RFA certification, and cupping analysis, which helps farmers improve the quality of their coffee. Without infrastructure for post-harvest processing on the farms, Finca Medina provides a centralized collection point where farmers can easily deliver their cherries.

From there, the cherries are transported to the Finca Medina facility where floaters will be removed before pulping since they are less dense and damaged. Then, the pulped cherries are fermented in tanks for up to 36 hours. When the coffee is washed, water is well managed and properly treated. Wastewater and pulp are turned into compost and returned to the farms to amend the soil. Next, the coffee is gently dried on patios for a period of 2 weeks until it reaches a moisture content of 11%. To prepare the coffee for export, Finca Medina uses its own mill where the dried parchment is hulled and sorted with gravity beds, sieves, and an electronic colour sorter.

This unique blend of Bourbon and Caturra offers a rich and captivating sensory experience. From the first sip, one is enveloped by enchanting aromas of fresh grape juice and juicy yellow apple. Then, the palate is seduced by the sweetness of almond butter, which pairs perfectly with the roundness of milk chocolate. The velvety texture of this coffee provides a luxurious and enveloping mouthfeel. Finally, the long and lingering finish leaves a memorable impression, inviting you to savour every sip of this exquisite coffee.





Jus de raisin, Pomme jaune, Beurre d’amande, Chocolat au lait

Variété botanique

Bourbon, Caturra





Finca Medina


1600 m


Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez