Puly Grind Cristalli Grinder Cleaner - 10 doses
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Puly Grind Cristalli Grinder Cleaner - 10 doses



For the maintenance of your coffee grinder, this is THE product you need: Puly Grind Cristalli, containing 10 pre-measured tablets. This cleaning product from the Italian firm Group Asachimici acts through the pure ecological crystals it contains. These are food grade active substances that do not release chemical residues or dust.
Say goodbye to greasy deposits and mold that build up and can damage your grinder easily. Using Puly Grind Cristalli will prevent you from disassembling the grinding wheels or the rest of the electric grinder with each cleaning. If your automatic espresso machine has a built-in grinder, Puly Grind Cristalli will also do the trick to clean the latter.
Without gluten or allergenic substances, Puly Grind Cristalli has the advantage of improving the fineness of the grind as well as the taste and aroma of coffee, by eliminating rancid oils, detritus between the grindstones and old odors.

To clean your coffee grinder, all you need to do is empty it, pour in a pod of Puly Grind Cristalli, then add coffee beans and proceed as for making a normal espresso. The first two grinds are of course to be thrown away: the mill is officially clean and fresh at the end of these stages. You can then add another dose of coffee as usual, which you can drink this time: you will see that the prior cleaning has enhanced the taste of the coffee.