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Bolivia Coffee - San Lorenzo

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Roue des saveurs de Bolivia Coffee - San Lorenzo


In recent years in Bolivia, a new generation of producers dedicated to creating high-quality coffees is gaining ground. It's because, for the first time in Bolivian history, coffee production is financially encouraged by the government. Allowing producers to develop more knowledge about the production through research, among other things. Producers such as Yulisa Chambi, a young producer with a 10-acre farm in the Los Yungas region where her family has worked for over 60 years. Heir to this land, Yulisa now runs the coffee plantation while still in school. This region, Los Yungas, is the epicenter of specialty coffees in Bolivia since many producers came to settle there after the great agricultural revolution of the mid-twentieth century.

About this coffee: Because of the major anaerobic influence on this Typica Red Catuai, it is logical to see that it offers a different flavor profile than your standard coffee. The process of making an anaerobic coffee means that it will simmer in its juice without oxygen. Allowing the flavors to permeate the coffee bean. Science does it right! The result is a coffee bean that tastes much fruitier than you normally get from coffee. You'll almost feel like you're drinking a natural coffee, with its sweet chocolate aroma, cherry notes, and slightly floral finish. All blending in a complex, rich, lighter cup of coffee.





Baies, raisin, prune, pomme grenade & chocolat

Variété botanique

Red Catuai & Typica


Lavage Anaérobique



Yulisa Chambi


1525 m


San Lorenzo, province de Caranavi, département de La Paz, Bolivie