tanzania coffee - vohora familia

tanzania coffee - vohora familia

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Roue des saveurs de tanzania coffee - vohora familia


Under the vigilant direction of Neel and Kavita Vohora, the Edelweiss and Finagro farms have begun to flourish, evolving from well-maintained properties spanning 1,000 acres across several ridges of the Ngorongoro caldera in northern Tanzania, into an innovative coffee organization that defies conventional norms. The coffee trees grown here are from a selection made at the local coffee research station, where Neel befriended the chief researcher.

Tanzania, besides Ethiopia, holds one of the oldest genetic banks of Ethiopian selections from British expeditions in the early 20th century.

In the case of microlots, like this authentic Ethiopian variety, the duration of pre-fermentation is specifically determined by the cultivar, through a process of trial and error that has been refined into precise protocols to bring out the best in each variety, including measuring the fermentation pH to adjust for temperature or microbiome differences overnight, for example. In this case, the harvest macerated in whole cherries on raised beds under protective "tents" for four days, then was transported down the hill to Finagro's extensive network of raised beds, where it dried in layers of individual cherries for an additional fifteen days. Once this step is completed, the parchment is stored in GrainPro until it can be milled at Vohora's facilities in Arusha.

Incredibly flavourful and sweet in the cup, I noted pineapple, grape, and violet notes among my descriptors. This recently landed and tasted coffee presents rose and cherry notes, with its sweetness described as "reminiscent of a lollipop."





black tea, honey, pineapple, citrus, grape, rose, violet, plum, chocolate

Variété botanique

native varieties





vohora family


1700 m


karatu, arusha