About Us

We are your coffee roaster. Our job is to put the very best coffee in your cup. Just as you have your accountant, your baker, your mechanic, we work to make sure your cup of coffee is at its greatest. The construction of happiness in everyday life is the accumulation of fragments of enchantment in several aspects of our daily life, and for us, drinking a good coffee is an essential element in the construction of happiness. We are your ally in making your cup of coffee a spark of joy. We accompany you in the selection, in the preparation, and in the discovery. Coffee is an extraordinary beverage, a fruit of nature with incredible tasting potential.

Our Team

We are based in Carleton-sur-Mer, in the Gaspé Peninsula, a 30-second walk from the Baie-des-Chaleurs. We evolve in a slow-paced environment, in contact with nature.  We are a team of passionate people who have chosen this unique lifestyle. For us, a cup of coffee is the sum of a huge team effort, from the producer to you.

Our Vision

Our main focus is on quality and an optimal tasting experience by basing our quality standards on the best practices on the planet. However, our vision is not elitist and we offer an approach based on the pleasure of drinking, with an offer framed by the recognition of different quality levels. Like wine, not all coffees are equal, and if sometimes a table wine can accompany a meal very well, a quality wine can sublimate it. The same is true for coffee.

Our Values

Beyond the product, we consider the quality of human contact engendered in the coffee trade to be just as important as the contents of the cup. We are constantly looking for win-win partnerships with coffee producers while trying to reduce as much as possible the intermediaries between the consumers and the farm. We participate concretely in improving the quality of life of the producers and in valuing their work/production, which is very important to us. The web extension of our activities is also an efficient way for us to stay in touch with our customers. Nothing gives us more pleasure in the world than to prescribe you the best cup of coffee.