Colombia Coffee - Terra Geisha

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Colombia Coffee - Terra Geisha

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Roue des saveurs de Colombia Coffee - Terra Geisha


This delicious Geisha comes from Pitalito, a district located south of Huila. It is one of the pincipal specialty coffee producing regions of Colombia. You will have the chance to taste a coffee made by 25 producers gathered under Terra Coffee who are passionate and expert in the field. Terra Coffee was founded in 1978 by Carlo Granito, a humanitarian and passionate entrepreneur. Inspired from a young age by his father, who prospered as an importer of Italian food products and who passed on to him the values of hard work and love of quality products. Since then, Terra Coffee has grown into an association that is recognized worldwide for its unique coffee batches and its fair and collaborative way of working.

In the cup, expect endless tasting notes, from delicate sweetness like lychee and orange blossom to punchy notes of intense raspberry and cherry. The sweetness comes from peach, apricot, and ripe plum, while the acidity has a bit of a lemonade tongue bite and tropical fruit. All of this is elegantly balanced by spice notes like nutmeg and graham crackers sprinkled with cinnamon, and even a hint of fresh pipe tobacco. Prepare to enjoy a complex and flavorful beverage.





Fleur d'oranger, jasmin, framboise, litchi, pêche, abricot, lime, cannelle & tabac

Variété botanique



Macération Honey Process



Terra Coffee


1700 - 1900 m


Huila Sud, département de Huila, Colombie