Colombia Coffee - Terra Pacamara

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Colombia Coffee - Terra Pacamara

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Roue des saveurs de Colombia Coffee - Terra Pacamara


This unique micro-lot is the resulting efforts of 8 coffee producers in the Huila region of Colombia that were assembled by Terra Coffee, founded in 1978 by Carlo Granito. Terra Coffee started when Carlo began experimenting with coffee beans when he was younger. Now, master of his trademark and artisanal roasting technique, he brings out all the complexity and subtle aromas of the coffee linked to its pure origins. By caramelizing all the sugars secretly contained in the beans without roasting them to death. He manages to render them to be on point. But, for our micro-lot of their Pacamara, we got them unroasted, for us to apply our roasting technique to them. Terra Coffee is also concerned about its producers and their families, they created the Humaniterra Foundation. And since its creation, it has donated more than $230,000 to non-profit humanitarian organizations.

Pacamara is the result of a crossing varietals between the Pacas and the Maragogipe plants, which are a natural mutation of Typica. Terra Coffee's Double Maceration Honey processed Pacamara possesses a frank and sweet taste with very pronounced notes of fruits. Indeed, it is possible to find hints of delicious caramel as well as notes of chocolate, strawberry, papaya, and apple sauce. And, as the name of its process indicates, this coffee has a pronounced note of honey, but also a light floral flavor of lilac. All in all, this coffee has a creamy body and a feel that will leave you satisfied until the last taste.





Caramel, chocolat au lait, fraise, papaye, lilas, pomme & sucre blanc

Variété botanique



Double Macération Honey Process



Terra Coffee


1650 - 2700 m


La Argentina, Salada blanco, Huila, Colombie