Peru Coffee - El Diamente de Flores

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Peru Coffee - El Diamente de Flores

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Roue des saveurs de Peru Coffee - El Diamente de Flores


This Bourbon and Caturra come from the Flores family, who grow coffee near San Ignacio, in the Cajamaja region of Peru. The Flores family has made the saying "all for one and one for all" theirs. And at the heart of the family, David Flores Chilcon, is the chief musketeer of the coffee. He is all about supporting his family and his family is all about supporting him. A big part of his passion started a few years ago when he saw a coffee lab for the first time when he accompanied his father to sell coffee. He was seduced by the dream of producing a coffee that would stand out on the tasting table. After succeeding with his own micro lot in 2021, he focused his energy this year on helping a collective of 30 family members produce an exceptional community blend.

Much more than a generic regional coffee, this batch of coffee from a small family group of farmers in northern Peru has a sweetness for days. You'll find the brown sugar note particularly present as well as notes of candied stone fruit, rum-soaked raisins, and pralines. This cup is also fruity, with a present but balanced acidity strongly reminiscent of plums and pears. Lemon elements can also be found alongside a crisp, clean and refreshing finish that leaves the drinker with a floral whisper of jasmine.





Prune, poire, cassonade, miel, citron, cacao, chocolat au lait & jasmin.

Variété botanique

Bourbon et Caturra





Famille Flores


1600 - 1850 m


El Diamante, San Jose de Lourdes, Région de Cajamarca, Pérou