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Yemenia Coffee

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Yemenia is a coffee from Yemen purchased at a special auction organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence Group and Qima Company.

Specialty Coffee.

As part of Qima Coffee's R&D program with Dr. Christophe Montagnon, they have undertaken an ambitious project to study and map the coffee genetic landscape in Yemen. After years of work, Qima conducted the largest genetic survey in Yemen's history, covering an area of more than 25,000 km2.

The results revealed one of the most significant discoveries in the history of coffee. In everything they analyzed in the territory, one species had a completely different genetic code from what exists elsewhere in the world. A subspecies of Coffea Arabica that was unknown.

Certified tasters tested the new subspecies blindly, without any identification or information of any kind, in order to evaluate it as objectively as possible. None of the tasters knew the provenance, the variety, or whether they were about to taste a new strain of Arabica.

By following the rigorous tasting protocol, the scores given to each coffee showed exceptional quality. The coffees sent for tasting included other subspecies (Typica bourbon, SL28, SL34) and several varieties. And of course, through them, there were Yemenias.

When compiling the results, they considered only the top 20, as they would have done for the selection of the best batches for a Cup of Excellence.

Of the top 20, the top 15 were Yemenias.

The coffees with 90 points and more were also all Yemenias.

Getting such a high score automatically puts Yemenia on the same level as the world's best fine coffees!

To learn more on the Yemenia, you can read the blog article right here : Blog Yemenia





Très fruité, fruits noirs, cassis, sucré, confiture, bleuet, beaucoup de corps, profond, complexe, floral, fruits tropicaux, litchi, mangue

Variété botanique

Nouvelle souche mère de Coffea Arabica - Yemenia





55 producteurs du village Mutawasat


1700 - 2200m


Mutawasat, Haraaz, Sana'a, Yémen


Dose (g) : 20g
Temp. Infusion (F) : 208F
Qt d’eau (ml) : 300ml
Ratio (café/eau) : 1:15
Durée totale (min) : 3:05