Ucayali 72% Chocolate Chips
Pastilles de Chocolat de Terroir

Ucayali 72% Chocolate Chips

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Roue des saveurs de Ucayali 72% Chocolate Chips


This very fragrant chocolate is made with beans originating from Peru, more precisely from the region bordering the Ucayali River.

This is a terroir which has won several awards at the International Chocolate Awards, but which remains little known to the general public, because despite the quality of these beans, production is still very limited today. The reason being that the coca plantation there eclipsed that of cocoa for several years. Working in collaboration with USAID and Alianza Peru to provide a more profitable alternative to the cocaine market, operator Ucayali River Cacao collects and processes quality beans from a collective of nearly 400 small farmers.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that nothing has been added to the chocolate and that the fruit aromas you will taste come directly from the bean.



Fruits confits, cacao, rose, jasmin, litchis, cèdre



Collective of nearly 400 small farmers near the Ucayali River


Rivière Ucayali, Pucallpa, Pérou