Guide to preparing filter coffee: with a Piston

Jao Joel

In addition to offering many botanical varieties of "single origin coffees", we must support customers in optimizing their home coffee experience.

We are going to start a series of blog posts (one per week), which will provide an overview of the main methods of preparing coffee (and the most commonly used equipment).

Guide to preparing filter coffee: using a French press

Using a French press:

  • You will need 42g of coffee
  • Choose a medium coarse grind
  • Bring 660g of water to the boil, at 93.5°C/200°F
  • Provide another quantity of water, also boiled at 93.5°C/200°F, to preheat the equipment
  • Have spoons on hand to stir the mixture
  • Recommended infusion time: 4 minutes

Preparation steps:

  • Set up your equipment, which should ideally be clean
  • Preheat your French press with hot water
  • Discard this water, once the material is ready to use
  • Pour your ground coffee into the plunger
  • Start the timer and start pouring about 540g of hot water into the plunger
  • Steep the coffee completely
  • Replace the container lid, without pressing the piston yet
  • Wait 2 minutes and remove the lid
  • Gently stir the mixture , so that all the coffee is in good contact with the water
  • Pour the rest of the hot water, i.e. 120g, into the container
  • With a spoon, dislodge any remaining oils and grains that stick to the sides of the container
  • Replace the cover, without pressing the piston
  • After 4 minutes of infusion , slowly press the plunger until it is at the bottom of the coffee maker
  • Carefully transfer everything, taking care not to include any coffee deposits in the final cup

To clearly illustrate this recipe for filter coffee preparation, we are sharing this Facebook Live video which dates from July 13, 2018.

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To stock up on preparation materials, go to the Accessories section of our site to equip yourself with your own French press coffee maker and even a travel size !


  • Michel Gauthier

    Bonjour, je suis abonné à Cogeco Cable et je ne trouve pas le canal Brûlerie du quai Télé ;0) . Plus sérieusement, je constate que le ratio café eau dans le texte est d’environ 17:1 et que le vidéo est à 12:1 . J’aurais aussi aimé avoir la mouture utilisée pour la préparation. Bonne journée et beau travail de vulgarisation

  • Brûlerie du Quai

    Bonjour Louise,

    sur ce modèle de bouilloire, il n’y a pas de thermomètre d’intégrer. Je verse l’eau juste après l’avoir fait bouillir. Ce qui donne une température approximative de 94-95C. Pour un piston, étant donné que c’est pleine immersion, on peut le faire de cette façon.

  • Louise Bisson

    Je constate que tu ne vérifies pas la température de ton eau avant de la verser dans la cafetière à piston !

    Ça veut peut-être dire que ton appareil chauffant s’arrête à 93,5 degrés???

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