Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Highland Pacamara

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Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Highland Pacamara

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Roue des saveurs de Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Highland Pacamara


This coffee was produced by Guillermo Sanchez in the small town of San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala, which has coffee trees on over 85 hectares of land. The farm was founded in 1905 and has been in their family for over 100 years. La Finca de San José Ocaña started out as a forestry and agricultural operation and has evolved into one of the best coffee-producing farms in the country. Their success is mainly due to the high altitude of the farm, the mineral-rich soil, and the frequent rainfall.

This micro-lot proves, once again, the exceptional quality of the batches from the San José Ocaña farm. The botanical variety of Pacamara has unique and distinct flavors that carry over into this batch, which is more deeply fruity than other Latin American coffees; it has notes like jasmine and complex fruity flavors like citrus and berries. The texture of the coffee is also generally appreciated; Pacamara produces a rich, creamy coffee with a full body to accompany its complex flavor. With this Highland Pacamara, you can taste the aromas of chocolate, guava, jasmine, plum, orange, grape, and passion fruit. It is a complex batch, which will charm you with its sweet notes and soft acidity.





Chocolat, guava, jasmin, prune, orange, raisin, fruit de la passion & baies

Variété botanique






San José Ocaña


1905 - 1955 m


San Juan Sacatepéquez, Département du Guatemala, Guatemala