10th anniversary

Dany Marquis

On August 1, 2005, Brûlerie du Quai opened its doors for the first time to its customers! So today is our 10th anniversary! I have a special thought for all the customers who adopted us from the moment we opened and who are still loyal to us today. THANKS! If the residents of Baie-des-Chaleurs had not chosen us, we would not be in business today. Thank you also to all our customers from Quebec, New Brunswick, the ROC and Europeans who stopped by the workshop and who chose us. Because beyond all the efforts we can put into selecting and roasting the best possible coffees, often, when a tourist decided to buy our coffees on the web following their vacation, they also bought Gaspésie. Because Gaspésie, we must occupy it, make it work, make it prosper. For us, for our children, for the country. It is therefore for me an act of resistance to have been able to launch this adventure and to still be part of it 10 years later. Thanks also to my traveling companions, who have worked alongside me over the last few years. Some will have flown by, others will have left their mark, and the best are still on board. In 2005, we started with nothing, with the idea of ​​making a garden from a patch of weeds, and growing a few children in it. And the land was fertile. An infinite thank you to my life companion, my friend, my right arm, my left arm, Marie-Hélène who was always by my side and who still is, despite the storms and the worst storms that we had to go through. We will have the opportunity in the coming months to highlight this milestone with you, but for now it is with humility and gratitude that I wanted to highlight this transition and open the doors for the other 10 years.

Long Live Love
Long live coffee!
Long live chocolate!
Long live the sea!
Long live Gaspésie!
Live life!

Danny Marquis

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