Dany Marquis - Luxury Coffee - Signature Collection

My philosophy is simple: the joy of sharing is what makes me feel good. For me, few things make me as happy as the simple pleasure of drinking coffee using all your senses. Sharing this feeling is the goal of this collection. You will share coffees that are authentic and transport me.

It is not a race for perfection, but rather the search of a simple pleasure, like an evolving love, in all its imperfections, that ends up finding a sweet harmony. You will find, in this collection, coffees that make me smile in happiness after each sip. It is, to me, a precious remedy to darkest days. It is also an extraordinary happiness enhancer when the sun is shining and everything seems possible. Beyond the tasting experience, each coffee has its own personality and history, which adds a magic touch to the cup.

And it is this magic that I want to share with you.

Hoping that every sip will make you smile with happiness. 

Dany Marquis