solde de la fin de la récolte

Il est temps de sauver gros sur plusieurs microlots de l'année 2023. Tant que les stocks ne seront pas épuisés, le solde de la fin de la récolte restera en vigueur. Profitez de cette opportunité pour découvrir des cafés exceptionnels!
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It's on the shores of Chaleur Bay in the Gaspésie that we apply our expertise. Every summer since 2005, thousands of people have passed through our workshop and got attached to our roasting technique, our coffee, and the beautiful region with the mountains, and the sea. Our online store is a virtual extension of our world. Borderless. That allows us to continue sharing our passion and staying in touch with you. Our mission is to offer the best coffee and terroirs unrestricted, to create a medium that encourages human contact.


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