The term "baristi" is out!

Dany Marquis

I always write my blog in French but I want more exposure to settle the question once and for all.

Linguistic expert and coffee business's actor, I need your help on that.

Do i combine the foreign names (italian here) according to the rule of grammar of the language in question or according to the French grammar (for me) or the English grammar.


Because I hate to hear, write, read and say "baristi", it sounds monkey, pedantic and snobbish. (It is my opinion)

Ex: One barista -----> Two baristas ------> Two baristi …

If you are in the team of the “baristi” philosophy, you have no choice to use:

- Biscotto instead of biscotti if you ask a client if he wants one...

- Pizze, instaed of pizzas if you say “hey guy, i've got a new apartment to paint, i'll pay the pizze for everyone coming...

And Have you already read somewhere a newspaper write "Paris Hilton was being harassed by a paparazzo"?

The plural of the Italian names ending in -o is -i, those in -a is -e. When they are kept in French or English, these plurals give a scholarly connotation, or even pedantic.

Ok gang, can we agree on that, the term "baristi" is out!

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