Bistro menu, at the BDQ in New Richmond, from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Dany Marquis

For a little over 2 years now, I have been trying to give the New Richmond branch has a dual vocation. A bit like a double life, after closing Coffee. The concept is simple and we can find this dual vocation in several establishments located by example in Montreal.

How do I see this?

We continue our coffeeshop operations as we do We currently do, we keep the menu line simple (sandwich, soup, salad), homemade pastry, cake, specialty coffee offering. My team continues its professional work and closes the café around 5 p.m. Before leaving, she gives the “tag” to the evening team.

The evening team prepares the room for 6 p.m. for a completely different offer (decor, music, service, menu). We will offer a simple and limited menu of 3-4 choices using regional products from the Gaspé, Quebec and New Brunswick. Market garden vegetables local, wild fruits, algae and sea grasses, forest mushrooms, fresh fish. The menu will therefore be changing depending on the products and arrivals.

A liquor license will be added, with an offering of our shots heart of beer, wine, mead and other starchy foods.

I need :

- 1 chef

- A motivated team (service and cuisine)

- 1 Sommelier

We we have this branch frequented by more than 150 people per day and which is dormant every evening since its opening because the offer on the coffeeshop side is less suited to the needs of dinner and the evening. This dual vocation will make it possible to use the infrastructure of the branch which already makes all its costs through its basic operations.

This formula can take different forms depending on the interests of the leader but we let's favor a partnership.

The evening team can also participate in developing the menu for the daytime section.

Despite although this project is very exciting, we allow ourselves to bring together the conditions and the winning team moving forward.

Interested? Serious?

Contact me.

Danny Marquis








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  • Mario Moses

    C est comme un expresso allongé…bonne idée!!!

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