I imported the best coffee in the world! You'll never guess what happened!

Dany Marquis

Bonne année 2022 Brûlerie du Quai

2022! Bonne année! Happy New Year! Pusu'l Punane!

In 2021 I imported the best coffees on the planet, you will never guess what happened!

Indeed, in 2021, I had the pleasure of importing and sharing with you some of the best coffees on the planet. It was an exceptional privilege for me! 

I feel so privileged to be a matchmaker, thus finding myself at the heart of a romantic intrigue between you and your cup. 

It is a question of pleasure and shared happiness.

2021 was also conducive to human contact of incredible intensity.

Through contacts with entrepreneurial producers from all over the world, discussions on transport logistics, customs, international payments, I made new friends.

COVID has brought doing business to an unmatched level of adventure, and everyone who perseveres obtains the automatic respect of their compatriots

Agriculture, in our case of coffee and cocoa, has been completely disrupted with the pandemic. Add to that natural disasters and the producers had to face daunting challenges. 

From our side, several challenges have presented themselves on our way, and as we are in a win-win relationship, each party respects the efforts of the other with the objective of providing you with the best coffee possible.

Through our operations here, what solidarity we have experienced with our local partners and our commercial customers. Everyone's difficulties were noticeable in what was left unsaid in each conversation. We are all in the same boat.

I have also forged links with a few fellow roasters with whom I have affinities, who are complementary to our offer and whom I would gladly adopt if I were not already my own supplier. In this regard, I reached out to a few of them to join forces to raise the level of specialty coffee in Quebec even higher. We will see if this wish will eventually come true.

On your side, my dear customers, I am privileged to be able to actively participate in improving your happiness through your cup of coffee. Every conversation, e-mail exchange, chat session is an opportunity for us to put our knowledge to good use and share with you the pleasure of tasting a good coffee.

Through these contacts with you, I have forged links, made friends and have had very enriching human experiences.

In short, in 2021, I imported the best coffees on the planet, and through coffee, I made lots of new friends, whether in my clients, my business partners, my suppliers and even my bankers. !

For 2022, I wish you good coffee, and by the way, improve your raw happiness with the contents of your cup. I also wish you to take advantage of the medium that coffee offers to enhance, maintain or resuscitate the relationships that are important to you. May coffee be the perfect excuse to have a good time and enjoy life.

And as long as you have a cup of coffee, it might just as well be good!

It's difficult to predict what awaits us in 2022, but as Seneca would say, "No wind is favorable for those who do not know where they are going".

And we will be there for you, to offer you the best coffee beans possible and to support you in the preparation. This is our 2022 orientation.

On behalf of myself and my team members, I wish you a wonderful year 2022!

Dany Marquis

My coffee selection for my Christmas Holiday was:

- Legendary Geisha 

- El Injerto 90

- Yemenia Mutasawat

Have a look at those coffee : Collection Réserve Sélecte




  • Famille Fréchette-Hamel

    Bonne année 2022 à toi Dany et à toute l’équipe!
    On vous aime!

  • Huguette BErthelot

    Bonne année 2022 Dany, Marie-Hélène, à votre famille ainsi qu’à toute l’équipe de la Brûlerie.
    Encore Bravo pour l’excellence, l’innovation, la créativité que vous déployez. En tant qu’ancienne gaspésienne et future gaspésienne je suis toujours fière de vous citer pour la qualité de vos produits et de vos réalisations.
    Bonne continuité!

  • Hugo Lefebvre

    Vraiment content d’être arrêté à votre brûlerie il y a 3 ans déjà. Mais encore plus heureux de goûter vos cafés mous après mois depuis! Merci à votre équipe. Bonne année 2022.

  • Alexandre

    Due a ton influence sur mes choix cafeiné on auras le meme lineup de la nouvelle an.

    Content de t’avoir connu toi et tout ton équipe.

  • Daniel Vallières

    A toi et à ton équipe, je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2022 et merci 🙏 encore d’égayer nos journées et de nous faire voyager à travers le monde grâce à tes savoureux cafés. Longue vie!!

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