Cup of Excellence Brasil ''Pulped Natural'' Chapter-1

Dany Marquis

Starting at 9 a.m. today, I will be in the middle of the battle to purchase a batch of coffee for our Select Reserve collection at the Cup of Excellence Brazil ''Pulped Natural'' auction.

It has now been 2 years in a row that I have ended up empty-handed at the Brasil Pulped Natural auction. Last year, we were in the middle of the construction of our new workshop, I had tight budgets and the value of the lots I had selected had skyrocketed. Note that some time later I used the budget to purchase the La Mandarina lot at the Costa Rican auction. Nothing happens for nothing! And I'm glad I didn't buy anything at the Brazilian auction because I wouldn't have had enough cash to buy the La Mandarina lot.

Cup of excellence brazil

This year, I'm in a good financial position, and my management team won't slap me on the wrist too much if I buy lots in the top 10. So the stars are aligned for me to finally get my hands on one. Brazilian pulped natural with a rating of at least 88 and above.

But what's the point with that? Well it's because Pulped natural type coffees of this quality are very rare on the market and this preparation method is quite complex. This requires more hi-tech equipment for producers, more labor and time. Making natural is quite rudimentary but natural pulp is an art in terms of pulping, drying and fermentation. In the cup, we generally obtain the body of a natural coffee and the sweet, fruity and tangy side of a washed coffee. It looks a bit like the Costa Rican honey process, but the pulped natural method only removes the skin of the fruit (exocarp), leaving everything else dried in the sun.

In short, I'm aiming for a bean that can make an espresso like you've never tasted before!

I'll leave you with this, I'll be online during the auction for those who want to chat. But don’t distract me 😉

Cup of Excellence


  • Jonathan Ménard

    rank 5 à 9 potentiellement intéressants…

  • BeAtrice

    Me faire signe si vous avez fait l’achat de café

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