Cup of Excellence Ethiopia 2020 - Winners announced

Dany Marquis

I give you some fresh news about the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia. For those who have not followed the case, we are registered for the auction to buy at the first competition to objectively identify the best batches of coffee of 2020.





2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence winner Nigussie Gemeda. Photo courtesy of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).

2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence winner Nigussie Gemeda. Photo courtesy of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).

The results are out.

28 lots obtained a score of 87 points or more.

3 lots scored at more than 90 with the # 1 at 91.04

I am very excited for several reasons.

First of all, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. 

This is the origin of the origin and the skills of the Ethiopians for processing coffee are exceptional. 

And for the evolution of producers financial conditions, and the open mind of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange to promote the best coffees instead of mixing them with the more generic batches by region as a basic commodity product.

To give you a more concrete example, it is as if the Federation of Quebec Maple Producers allows certain producers to sell directly to international buyers through a competition which aims to find the best syrup in maple of Quebec.

Admit that we would be excited by the event!

A supply management structure in agriculture is an interesting way to work, it protect the producer a lot, but opening up to the identification of the best crops is an extraordinary method of increasing and valueing the work of producers who stand out of the crowd.

And on the financial side, each edition of Cup of Excellence brings a lot of money to the communities.

In short, I am super motivated to get my hands on a lot.

Another point that turns me on, several lots have as description of the botanical variety: Unknown Variety

Lots of different wild varieties is like being offered coffee from another planet.

In the other varieties that interest me, there are several lots of tipica, the original variety that was imported of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

However, I expected higher scores, but on the other hand, it tells me that the tasting protocol, the independence and the rigor of the process were respected. 

I have to think about my auction strategy and to target the lots that I would like to buy, according to our budget. 

And it is clear that I will not leave this process empty handed! 

The competition will be fierce! 

We are also authorized to purchase lots from the national finalists, those who have obtained scores of 86 points.

I would remind you that the Cup of Excellence took the competition one step further last year by raising the bar to 87 points to be recognize as a Cup of Excellence winner.

It was 86 points from the very beginning but they changed it to increase the global game.

There are 13 lots in the 86 points list, mainly from Gedeo and Guji.  At 86, this is very very good coffee.

We will also act as importers for some partners and our lots will be available for purchase by our fellow roasters.

You can contact me if you want to discuss it.


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