Feedback and opinions on the 2016 Cup of Excellence

Dany Marquis

cup of excellence rwanda I'm preparing myself psychologically (and fiscally) to buy a coffee at this year's Cup of Excellence.

By the end of the year there will be auctions for the premium lots from Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala in June and Brazil (Natural + Pulped natural) in December.

It's always a technical challenge for us to buy this kind of coffee, but it's also very exciting.

We will let you know in advance the origin we will be targeting and you will be able to follow the auctions online with us, just to share the stress of the purchase. We will also share the available batches and the tasting notes of each, just to discuss your preferences.

Returned to auction, you never know how things might turn out. The proof, we picked up with #6 Rwanda, while I was aiming for #12 and #14…

This year, the organization of the Cup-of-Excellence has made major changes in their operation.

First of all, the passing score for access to the auction has increased by 1 point, or 86. The bar is high and the quality of the lots offered will be raised. However, several producers who then find themselves downgraded are then caught in the game by remaining with their batch of unsold coffee. Scoring 85.9 must be very frustrating for a producer.

And they often have to liquidate the lots to importers who offer them ridiculous prices. They will then set up a platform so that we can buy these lots, in the form of an auction extended over 4 weeks. These will therefore be coffees which have passed local and international juries, and with which we will have direct contact with the producer.

For lots of 86 points and more , this will always be the formula of a one-day auction.

They have also received several requests from small roasters to allow the purchase of small quantities. Because in previous years, we found lots of 2 to 5 metric tons which could fetch up to US$100,000. Let's say that it favors the big players.

They will therefore fragment the lots of 90 points and more. This is great news! Because we can hope to be able to get our hands on a top 3 without having to buy the entire lot.

They will also be implementing a new cupping form for international juries and will present it to the public at a SCAE conference later in the year. We will have a copy of it as well as the new protocol, so if you are interested, I will publish it (if I have the right)

Just also mention that for me, it's a way of working that is very stimulating and that leads to a win-win relationship with the producers who do extraordinary work. We don't pay for charity, we pay for quality. And we pay for the real price of this quality. For the producer, it is a question of dignity and pride.

You want more info:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information, if you would like to group a purchase with us or participate in financing a lot.

Find all our coffees obtained from the Cup of Excellence, here, in our Select Reserve Collection!


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