7 gift ideas for Christmas

Jao Joel

7 gift ideas for Christmas - Brûlerie du Quai

Christmas is fast approaching, it's crazy how time flies... so fast that we almost don't have time to shop for Christmas gifts.

As a good Samaritan, we come to the aid of latecomers and people who procrastinate a lot: here are 7 last-minute gift ideas that can be found at Brûlerie du Quai.

This article is obviously also aimed at those who wish to please true coffee lovers/connoisseurs.

Brûlerie du Quai socks

For a few pennies, you will have a pair of beautiful Barista socks: the designs that adorn these stockings are... coffee beans. Their “brown on black” color code means that these stockings can be worn very well both at work and in town.

And besides, who doesn't like receiving stockings at Christmas?

A Brûlerie du Quai cup and its saucer

With a capacity of 3 ounces, this cup adorned with the logo of your favorite roaster is a must for espresso enthusiasts. Thanks in particular to its tulip shape and its handle, the Brûlerie du Quai 3oz cup is easy to handle.

A Chemex

Quite simply, a Chemex : a sure value. By giving a Chemex to a coffee lover, you are always sure to please them. Chemex can be offered for all occasions all year round. For what ? For example, because many people are clumsy, their Chemex doesn't last all year. Because a person will always need a second Chemex, to take on a trip or leave at the office.

A V60

Just like the Chemex, giving a V60 to a coffee lover is like giving a new DIY tool to a home improvement junkie. Timeless and so practical, we are never disappointed to receive a V60, especially when ours is dirty and old :)

Christmas Bites

Star product of this month: the famous Bouchées de Noël, which are boxes containing either coffee fudges, whiskey ganaches or beer ganaches (or a mix of the three kinds). Boxes of 5 and 15 pieces are available.

A set of 4 Signature Collection tablets

For those who prefer chocolate to coffee, we recommend offering this set of 4 bars from the Signature Collection. These are 4 aromatic profiles entirely imagined by our master chocolatier.

A gift card

Classic for procrastinators (and those who just don't give a damn about looking for personalized gifts for their loved ones), the gift card : $10, $25, $50 or $100, valid on all products in stock...we let the other choose what they want. By opting for a Brûlerie du Quai gift card, you are sure to offer a wide choice of coffee and chocolate products and accessories.

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