2021 here we come!

Dany Marquis

First of all, I wish you, on my behalf and that of my team, a wonderful year 2021. And since the sweetest springs are those which follow a harsh winter, I am expecting a beautiful year, because 2020 was tough.

If you are reading this message, we play a role in your life. And we take this role very seriously, because we intend to help make this new year sweeter. Our humble participation may be reduced to a simple cup of coffee that you prepare with the beans we have chosen for you, but a simple cup of coffee can transform the way we see the world. Taking the time to prepare a coffee is a symbolic gesture, a way of taking care of yourself, of spoiling yourself. Choosing your coffee, or consulting us on the subject is a deliberate action for yourself, and not being satisfied with the first pickle is taking a position, an action to take charge of your personal happiness.

It is also a position taken on the origin of the grains, contact with agriculture, the land and the people behind the process.

We are here for you.

In 2020, we had to adapt. Adapting to change is one of our values ​​and we have been faithful to it. In terms of work, and the projects we had, I had to put several things on hold. And although I experienced several frustrations, in hindsight, it gave me time and distance to think.

Think about our work, our role in society, our relationships with producers, our impact on the environment and above all why we get up every morning, to go to the same place, roast coffee beans and cocoa and send them to the four corners of the country. This question is crucial, because it allows the cohesion of our team and above all to maintain motivation.

There are several organizational models, in coffee and chocolate, several routes are possible. What is ours? For what? And above all with whom to share this road?

Share our values, our passion and our know-how in order to make small moments of happiness available. And our medium of choice is coffee.

We are made up of people who come to Gaspésie to live a different life, close to nature. We are here by choice. And if this brings us its share of logistical challenges, the human aspect behind the organization colors our work in a particular way. After several years of work, something special, something authentic, emerges in our way of doing things. We are not looking for volume, we are not chasing expansion by opening repeat stores, we are all looking for one thing, that our customers have a good cup of coffee at home.

Our why is simple, to support you in the search and preparation of the coffee that you will like and that will contribute to your happiness.

May 2021 be filled with happiness, peace and you can count on us to support you and be part of your toolbox to make it better.

Danny Marquis

2021 here we come! Brulerie du Quai

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