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Dany Marquis

It is now about 6 months since we launched officially in the world of chocolate making. This is an amazing adventure and I am now supported by the response of our customers who inundate us with good feedback and buy our chocolate bars. Moreover, we achieved last week our physical limit (and mental) production capacity in our small workshop.

Additional equipment is already on the way to help us in the work and we will be able to produce more to allow other shops to keep our chocolates in stock. It will also allow us to formally start the production of 1kg block for professionals. I will also have the opportunity to diversify our supply of chocolate because since about 2 months, we only make chocolates that are available, our Ugandan collection, and the mokaccino bar. I still have a lot of Venezuela Ocumare and 4 lots of Ecuador Camino Verde resting in the warehouse and waiting to be processed and a lot of beans from Colombia to late June.

 I also have on my task list to work a chocolate with pepper, I'm a maniac pepper, I would put on my toast! A lot of work to do! In the coming months, you can follow us on social media and through this blog. We are also preparing our first public outing with our participation in the chocolate festival in Bromont. This release will explain our work, because chocolate manufacturers, working from the cocoa bean, are few.

This blog is also a platform for communication with you through our website and social media. And we want such communication in two-way, as blogs and topics idea will come mostly from our exchanges.

Hope to talk to you!

Dany Marquis  @chaleurbchoco and  Chaleur B Chocolat on Facebook

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