Espro Press P3 (946ml/32oz)
Accessoires de préparation pleine immersion

Espro Press P3 (946ml/32oz)



The infusion method is impressive to see. That's why ESPRO created the P3, so people can see the magic in action.

The P3 takes the classic sophistication of a traditional French glass press and perfects it with design and technology. Simply put, the P3 is safer, more durable, and keeps drinks hotter than other glass presses on the market.

They invented a patent-pending Safety Lock™ to completely secure the glass inside the steel cage, and finally eliminate the industry problem of glass slipping during pouring. They designed the German-made Schott Duran® glass to be 40% thicker than a traditional press. And they included our patented dual micro-filter for a clean, delicious cup without the typical grit and mess.

Tea filter not included.