Honduras Coffee - Cascaritas

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Honduras Coffee - Cascaritas

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Roue des saveurs de Honduras Coffee - Cascaritas


The Ocopeque region is located in the southwest corner of Honduras, on the border between Guatemala and El Salvador. There, the mountains are shrouded in clouds and the volcanic soils provide nutrients favorable to coffee, and the temperate microclimates allow for the best of the beans. In Octopeque, most of the people are of Lenca descent, descendants of the classical and post-classical Mayan cultures. Although their language has been obscured, they retain many of their pre-Columbian traditions, including many agricultural practices, passed down for millennia. These methods are still used today to produce quality coffee.

This blend of two different beans, Pacas and Paraneima processed in a natural way, offers a classic tasting experience. One could even say that this beverage is a tribute to the origins and ancestors of the Cascaritas farm. Purely processed at the time of picking and placed on the bed to dry, this coffee will lull you with its exotic notes of pineapple and tangerine. You will be able to distinguish its roundness with honey apple and a touch of chocolate vanilla. The whole ends with the delicate presence of tamarinds and hibiscus. A real beverage worthy of more than 100 years of experience, enjoy!





Ananas, tangerine, pomme, miel, chocolat, vanille, tamarin & hibiscus

Variété botanique

Pacas, Paraneima





Moises Hidardo Hernandez


1210 m


Plan del Rosario, Mercedes, Ocotepeque, Honduras