colombia coffee - palo de rosa

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colombia coffee - palo de rosa

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Roue des saveurs de colombia coffee - palo de rosa



Cultivated by a group of sixteen growers from the Colombian municipalities of Pitalito, Palestina and La Argentina called Palo de rosa "Pink Tree" (a name used as a synecdoche of the coffee tree). This group grows and processes each coffee individually before transferring the material to Terra Coffee, the aggregator. This company unites producers, offers technical and specific training in coffee growing, and coordinates producers' efforts to create special batches like this one. Terra Coffee's philosophy is to bring together the best of small-scale producers and allow them to earn the majority of the profit for their hard work.


Since this batch is a team effort, the sixteen growers employed a two-stage post-harvest process for a traditionally washed, if not simple, style of processing. After rinsing the cherries, a brief "pre-fermentation" stage allows the fruit to ripen and macerate slightly before pulping, followed by a rather lengthy secondary fermentation of 48 to 70 hours in parchment. Finally, the coffee is washed and spread out to dry on shaded patios for 25 to 30 days.


This pink Bourbon coffee is a veritable explosion of exquisite flavours. From the very first sip, you'll be transported to a world of delight, with distinct notes of black tea dancing on your palate. Pomegranate and orange bring a fruity, tangy freshness, while cherry adds a juicy, sweet sweetness. Honey and caramel then wrap everything in comforting warmth, while floral notes add a delicate, fragrant touch. The vibrancy of this coffee is perfectly balanced by the citric acidity of citrus fruits, creating a harmony of flavours that leaves a lasting, delicious impression on the palate.





Thé noir, Pomme grenade, Orange, Cerise, Miel, Caramel, Florale

Variété botanique

pink bourbon





Terra Coffee


1900 m


La Argentina, Huila