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brazil coffee - rainha

Roue des saveurs de brazil coffee - rainha



Fazenda Rainha is a coffee estate located near the municipality of São Sebastião da Grama, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The 280-hectare estate includes 200 hectares of venerated Yellow Bourbon trees (some of which have been producing for over 50 years). Management of Fazenda Rainha was handed over to José Renato Gonçalves Dias, whose passion for coffee goes back to his great-grandparents who worked the same land. Trained as an agronomist, José has combined his inherited passion with academic knowledge focused on creating biodiverse environments, rich in beneficial micro-organisms and insects, which promote healthy coffee growing.


When harvesting this yellow bourbon, Mr. José Gonçalves Dias decided to go ahead with the natural process. The cherries are sorted and floated to remove less dense and damaged coffee, then pulped and placed on patios for a minimum of 30 days to dry with the mucilage still attached. Once dry, the coffee is stored in wooden silos until it is ready to be ground and exported.


This yellow Bourbon offers a delicious fusion of flavours and sensations. I like to describe it as a jammy breakfast coffee par excellence! The first sip reveals a pronounced taste of creamy peanut butter, evoking a sense of comfort and indulgence. But as the coffee swirls across your palate, notes of fresh apple juice add a refreshing sharpness, balancing the nutty tones. The subtle sweetness of almond emerges next, complemented by the juicy brightness of cherry, creating a complex, harmonious flavour profile.

The coffee's finish is smooth and persistent, leaving a pleasant mouthfeel that invites another sip. Overall, this coffee offers a unique and satisfying experience, combining elements perfect for enjoying a hearty lunch.





Rose, Miel, Lime, Citron, Pomme, Raisin, Prune, Nectarine, Goyave

Variété botanique

Sudan Rume





Luiz Paulo Pereira Filho


1200 m


Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais