Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Double Soak Cocoa Washed

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Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Double Soak Cocoa Washed

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Roue des saveurs de Guatemala Coffee - San José Ocaña : Double Soak Cocoa Washed


This delicious coffee comes from a family estate located in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez in Guatemala. Named Finca San José Ocaña, this Guatemalan coffee farm has been owned by the Sanchez family for over a century, since 1905! During its more than 115 years of existence, this producer has managed to establish more than 150 acres for the cultivation of their coffees while keeping the rest of their land, which forms a total of 260 acres in its natural state so that the local fauna and flora can live safely. This producer has its own mill where the selection, pulping and drying of the cherries are meticulously executed and where all technical processes are carried out. This producer is proud to be autonomous from the selection to the exportation of the coffee.

Picked strictly when the color of the fruit is similar to that of sugar beet, i.e. above 25 brix, the cherries are then wet-ground in partially recycled water, rich in mucilage, containing a high concentration of fructose (sugars from the coffee pulp) and fermentation bacteria, which strongly reinforce its aromas and taste attributes.

This blend of Bourbon and Catuai steeped, rinsed and washed using the cocoa method gives you a sweet, fresh, mild and very tasty coffee. With its notes of chocolate, plum, vanilla, caramel, berries, honey and green apple, it is difficult, even impossible not to like it!





Chocolat, prune, vanille, caramel, baies, miel et pomme verte

Variété botanique

Bourbon et Catuai


Double Soak Cocoa Washed



Finca San José Ocaña


San Juan Sacatepequez, Département de Guatemala, Guatemala