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Dany Marquis


I started this blog with the aim of sharing my passion for coffee, to fill my need to write and to make Brûlerie du Quai known. The blog has therefore evolved over the years and has become a reference in the world of coffee in Quebec and Europe. Its educational side has also increased the knowledge of coffee lovers. We are proud of it and we gain new readers with each publication. In order to have greater diversity in terms of texts, we decided to open the doors to bloggers outside our team. So, do you feel like writing about coffee and what surrounds it? You are welcome!

And of course, we pay guest bloggers!

$50 per post.

We are also open to publications in the form of photos, drawings, videos, etc. At this time, remuneration can be discussed for each project.

Path to follow

I assume that you are an unconditional coffee fan and that you have read our previous publications and that you want to contribute to our adventure. 

  1. Send me your text idea and its outline by email. I will answer you, either:
    1. That the subject is uninteresting (ouch!);
    2. That the subject interests me but that I want to give a particular direction to the text;
    3. That I confirm the mandate and that you move forward;
  2. Receiving confirmation of the mandate is not an automatic guarantee of publication. We reserve the right at all times to refuse publication;
  3. We pay on the day of publication only. If we have several texts awaiting publication, we can tell you when it will be published. We reserve the right to modify the order of publication of the texts. Paypal is used for payments;
  4. The rights to the texts belong to us and the texts cannot be used or published on other media without our approval;
  5. Do not send me written texts without prior approval of the subject and obtaining the official mandate;
  6. We favor posts of around 500 words, and we reserve the right to ask you to change, shorten or modify the text. We will correct all texts before publication. French is important.
  7. The texts are intended to share the passion for coffee and not to promote other businesses;
  8. The texts will be published on our blog, on our Facebook page, Twitter, and in our newsletter, as well as on all other platforms of the Brûlerie du Quai group;
  9. The name of the author, as well as a photo and a brief biography will finalize each text;
  10. The texts must be 100% original and not have been copied. If you used reference documents, the exact sources must be cited at the end of the text. Same thing for photos and videos. Original content only or royalty-free with supporting proof.
  11. Once your text is published, we ask you to participate in the discussions that will occur following your publication on social media.

We publish at least one blog per week.

So notice to those interested!

Danny Marquis

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