Quebec roaster? We're talking there!

Dany Marquis

I like Twitter, for different reasons. The reason I want to highlight is the possibility of following actors in the same field as me, coffee. Roasters, coffee shops, drinkers, reviewers, etc. I follow several people from all over the world. This helps me stay abreast of industry trends and movements. I am often a reader, having nothing to gain in a race for the number of “followers”. This time, I decided to take the microphone to share a thought with you in order to get feedback, to add to it or to contradict myself ;-)

But maybe in the coffee industry, no one is a prophet in their country (OK, not just in coffee), and I'm seeing a glorification of American roasters on Twitter. In Montreal, coffee shops are popping up everywhere and boasting about buying coffee roasted in the US. Even the media gets involved, insisting in their article that the coffee used in XYZ coffee comes from ABC Coffee Roaster (fictitious name). Often, after discussions, the arguments fall apart, quality of coffee, quality of service. And I say to myself that there must be something else, I can't believe that there are no Quebec roasters who can compete?

If I exclude myself from my own debate, I am thinking of certain companies. Café St-Henri, Toi, Moi et Café, Café Rico, Terra Café, etc. There are probably around a hundred coffee roasters in Quebec. Don't come and tell me that they are all picketing and that they don't offer any service!

Would the “third wave” be purely American and that Quebec would be excluded?

Is the use of American coffee so much added value in terms of marketing that coffee shops that do not roast use this argument to rise above the others? (My neighbor who roasts coffee makes scrap, come to my house, I use XYZ coffee imported from the US)

It’s tingling in my heart!

Maybe it's that my soccer team lost 2 to 1 today and that's giving me the blues, but reading my Twitter feed, I get the impression that many industry professionals are considering the Quebec roasters and amateurs alike. And I have a hard time swallowing that.


  • JF Hotte


    Je suis un jeune entrepreneur. Ma tante et moi allons importer du café, nous voulons le torréfier ici, nous avons quelques plans pour la distribution et la vente. Le but est de financer notre fondation au Salvador et au Costa Rica. J’aimerais savoir si vous pourriez me donner des conseils. Sur l’importation, si vous avez de l’expérience, mais aussi sur la torréfaction ici, quels sont les tarifs, sinon combien coute le démarrage d’une brulerie.

    Nous connaissons quelques producteurs en Amérique Centrale. Nous avons tous les outils pour réussir.

    Merci à l’avance !

  • Véronique Tremblay

    Merci ;-)

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