Coffee and health (preamble and short, lazy answer)

Dany Marquis

First of all, as promised, here is my attribution personal to the virtual web bookstore, which has become an easy and populist subject for bloggers and specialized websites, i.e. the association of a product with the description of its health benefits and harms. Full member of the three “S” New Year's Day wishes (shake hands vigorously, declaim “Cheers, sex, success", ending with a common fat laugh in the face of the discomfort of having dared say the word sex), health would therefore be as important as sex and success in our interactions. It's not not much to say. Besides, wanting to inspire me for writing these texts, here are the results that Google offers me:

· Health and coffee: 210,000,000

· Health coffee: 617,000,000

· Health and sex: 36,600,000

· Health sex: 2,950,000,000

· Health and success: 38,100,000

· Health success: 1,540,000,000

I hope not to disappoint you by telling you that I haven't read them all. And to this day I remain amazed to see that according to the number of search results, we can think that our compatriots from English language would be healthier, drink more coffee, have more of success and would fuck more. YOU can perhaps criticize my analysis but I believe that we can agree on say that health is a concern common to all humans and relationship between ingested foods and certain diseases is no longer TO DO. And since Brillat-Savarin wrote in Physiology of Taste, or Meditations of Transcendent Gastronomy in 1826: “Tell me what you eat, I will tell you what you are.”, we have this sentence engraved in our minds which fuels our guilt and forces us to think about who we are and what we eat.

I also have on this subject, forcing my children to listen to the documentary SuperSize Me , we had a good laugh and I now have peace when the children see the golden arch of the burger clown. Thank you Pavlov .

In what concerns us here, I will focus on the link between coffee and health. And as many of us consume coffee, and some in quantities bordering on saturation (I am), it is legitimate to ask questions about the impact of ingesting a beverage considered a neurostimulant. After reading several articles on internet, having discovered its annoying redundancy, I was on the verge of suggest you google the subject and read for yourself not really knowing what that I could bring new to the subject. Darkened by intellectual laziness, I was about to throw in the towel when all the nobility of the role of popularizer came to my mind scientist. And I decided to pass through a package of documentation to extract the essentials at the same time title that we extract an espresso. I will therefore be for you the 4Ms of this approach.

Those who want to go down the rabbit hole with me, I invite you to read my next three texts:

·          Are the oils in coffee dangerous?

· The effect of coffee on fertility and pregnancy

· Benefits and risks of caffeine and caffeinated beverages on health

But for those who are filled with lightness and for whom science lessons are were doing in the woods behind the high school, I offer you an answer shorter and easier to explain. YOU so you can stick to it and continue to enjoy your favorite beverage without typing my next three texts.

Drink Is coffee good for your health?

I answer YES!

And who are, in our current society, the guardians of health, the omniscient advisors who scrutinize us, feel us, and dissect us happily? The doctors! And like La Duclos de Sade, I am good placed to reveal to you a little-known reality: doctors are terrible drinkers of coffee. They have no equal to their passion, that their interest related to the preparation and inherent extraction techniques espresso machine worthy of a science fiction dream.

SO, why would we go further in our reflection than with this observation. Even La Palisse would agree with me, “if he would still be desirable.”

He was likely to see, in the 70s (Ah! The 70s…), a doctor, cigarette in one hand, coffee in the other like the sword and shield of Spartan, facing the hours of his profession, inflated with his narcotics favorites. But over the years, cigarettes have lost ground and popularity thanks to the numerous demonstrations of its toxicity. I would be curious today to come across a doctor, cigarette in mouth, 9m from the door of a hospital Center.

But despite the loss of this harmful habit, the coffee habit remained. So it must be good.

Sometimes, must know how to preserve and cultivate simplicity and live happily like the Panurge sheep.

We drinks coffee, because it's good, because doctors drink it and because it would seem, there would be all kinds of benefits such as reducing cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and other diseases of the kind.

And if you're like me, and just learning more about a illness makes you feel like you have symptoms, you can stay with it there and consume your coffee as one consumes an ardent love, even forbidden.

Born don't ask too many questions - ;-)

HAS yours!


And for the others, we see you in the next text: Are the oils contained in coffee dangerous?

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