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Dany Marquis

Logo Clickafé Sept-Îles I received a first phone call from Marieve Fortin on September 27, 2012. What followed was a series of contacts concerning several subjects, ranging from coffee in general, to the management of a café, to furniture design. In short, the basics that could lead to the opening in Sept-Îles of a coffeeshop worthy of the third wave. Almost a year later, I am in Sept-Îles to provide the training and coaching needed to get started.

Marieve has been in business for several years with a well-known photography studio in Sept-Îles , Studio Sans Limite , and Marieve's mother, Prisca Beaudry, has solid experience in the restaurant business. The promoters' objective: to create a mother-daughter project, to combine the photo studio in the same premises as the café, to offer a meeting place around a quality product, to become your own boss.

We took the time to clarify the difference between what I call a “coffeeshop” and a café-bistro type establishment closer to the restaurant. The experience acquired by Prisca in catering made it possible to quickly define the concept since the coffeeshop formula was fully within their objective and traditional catering did not suit them. So, we combine the photo studio with the café, we build a quality dessert offering, a simple and delicious sandwich offering and we install high-end coffee preparation equipment. As this formula fits directly into what we do, it was relatively easy to put the basics of the project on paper, put together the financial forecasts and go to bat to finance everything. On this subject, I would like to say that the financing stage tested the nerves of the duo because it was a long-term fight but which they won brilliantly. When we want we can!

Clickafé sketch I would say that one of the most interesting aspects of the project came from the audacity of the interior design. If you follow us on Facebook, you must have seen what everyone called the “pink café” pass by. Marieve is a photographer (now a barista-photographer!) and she has an eye for the arrangement of colors, light and atmosphere. I worked on several coffee projects and I think I was experiencing a little coffeeshop design blues. Wood, brown, brick, leather, very masculine, raw decor. Note that I like this type of atmosphere but I found it very refreshing to pair a coffeeshop with a more feminine design. On the first sketch, the pink seemed to take up all the space but once concretized, the pink elements seem to be attenuated by the white and gray elements. But we will agree that everything is very feminine, very urban, it feels like “Sex in the city” in Sept-Îles.

Here is a short video tour of the Clickafé:

And as a coffeeshop, a lot of energy has been put into the coffee and training the baristas. We installed at La Marzocco GB/5 Clickafé a series of high-end coffee preparation equipment. Moreover, upon entering, it is impossible to miss the magnificent La Marzocco GB/5 , which sits on the counter, its curves, its concave corners proudly bearing the lion of the La Marzocco coat of arms, and the mirror polished stainless steel gives the machine a strong impression of what will happen during your visit: Here, we take coffee seriously! Configured with 2 volumetric groups, the GB5 is accompanied by a Vulcano on-demand dosing mill , manufactured by Mazzer for La Marzocco. The design of the mill stands out, it is inspired by the original 1960 model by Giuseppe Bambi which won him a prize for his exclusive design at the 1968 Milan Expo. Made of shiny stainless steel with matte black details , it fits perfectly into the decor. On the configuration side, the machine will work with double filter holders with 17g VST basket, pre-infusion, calibrated at 94°C. The coffee chosen is Bella espresso which, even if it seems linked to the rest of the concept, was selected by the promoters for its light and fruity taste. Ground on demand with Vulcano, extractions are perfect every time.

For milk, we installed a pitcher rinser next to the knock-box to be more efficient. The ergonomics of the barista's work surface Lounge area Clickafé is therefore optimized quality and speed. The menu is typically built around espresso with an emphasis on traditional formats, except for the latte which is offered in two formats. The beverage standards are those of Brûlerie du Quai.

The filter coffee will be prepared with a Curtis D500GT according to the “Golden cup” parameters. So expect good coffee there too. You can also enjoy your coffees in manual preparation, piston, clever, chemex and even vaccum pot. As I said above: “So we take coffee seriously”.

One corner presents a selection of local products with products from across Quebec:

- La Nougaterie de Québec

- The Delights of the Îles d'Orléans

- The Benefits of Rimouski

- Mignon-Touron of Quebec

- The Maison de la Chicoutai in Rivière-au-Tonnerre

- Brûlerie du Quai de Carleton (They are hot!)

At the coffee level, you will find an offer of 9 bulk coffees. Around fifteen teas and herbal teas are also offered.

The café has 25 seats.

Clickafé is therefore a must in Sept-îles. It is located at 350-114 rue Smith, in the Place Sept-îles building, next to Radio Canada and opposite Desjardins. You can become a follower of their Facebook page here:

I would also like to suggest to you if you are in the area:

-A walk in Aylmer-Whittom Park, called “squirrel park”

- A crab club from the fisherman's snack. Casse-Croute du Pêcheur Sept-Îles

- See the sun go down while sitting on Monhagan Beach

- To spend some time getting in touch with the Innu community of Uashat and Maliotenam . There are two bookstores that stock reference books on the subject to deepen your knowledge. If you listen carefully you will have the chance to hear the Montagnais language, Innu-aimun . That's wonderful!

- And I strongly suggest reading the following blog: Kuessipan - Naomi Fontaine

Innushkuess- Innu Girl I quote her: “I am Innu, proud descendant of an ancient people, I am Quebecois, inhabitant of a rich and vast territory. » She is a French teacher, her texts are very well written and she gives a current and positive look at the life of a Quebec Innu. She is also the author of Kuessipan , a novel that will immerse you in the world of an Innu Indian reserve. No nostalgia, no folklore, no self-pity but a look towards the future. A must read! Absolutely! Did I say absolutely?

Thank you to Marieve and Prisca for your trust and long life at Clickafé!

Danny Marquis

For more information on our consultation services and our independent branch formula, please consult the following page:

Brûlerie du Quai Service-Conseil and independent branch


  • Isabelle Fortin

    Propriétaires chaleureuses, cafés de qualités et décors qui sort de l’ordinaire. Sans prétention mais toute aussi sophistiquer, Le Clickafé sera vous charmer !

  • Valérie Rioux
    Décors rafraichissants! Bons café! Beaux produits à vendre! Plusieurs choix de desserts! Longue vie au Clickafé! Moi j’y retournerai!


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