Coffee, Chocolate and counter discussion - Episode 07

Dany Marquis

Coffee, Chocolate and counter discussion - Episode 07

And here is our 7th episode with a counter discussion, so we talk about bread and the concentration of the baking industry, the loss of jobs in the region with the sale of the Port-Daniel cement plant in the background. Mr. Pierre Cyr is a precious witness to the time when the regions were more autonomous in their food supply.
So this was a magnificent discussion, a slice of life, that we had, with a little entrepreneurship, employment challenges, a beautiful testimony, and an opportunity to hear a little Gaspésie language and philosophy.
The podcast is a wonderful medium to take the time to chat, without constraints.

On the coffee side, Maélie tells us about two myths about roasting, slow roasting and caffeine in dark coffees.
And Dany is still talking about filter coffee, skimming over the different variations available while skimming over other related topics.

Animation by Dany Marquis and Maélie Martin.

Brulerie du Quai

Some links on the bread industry in Quebec:

Collection appeal on sliced ​​bread in 2017

The bread cartel

BOULANGERIE CANADA BREAD, A Mexican group devours POM bread

A slice of the history of Quebec bread at Louis Marchand & Compagnie
[...] It was the golden age of bakeries in Quebec, Ms. Albert tells me. In the 1950s, there could be up to 10 bakeries per neighborhood. Everything was subsequently purchased by Multi-Marques and the manufacturers. There are no longer many traces of these bakeries, but, fortunately, there are still recipes. [...]

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