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Dany Marquis

Browsing the blog of one of my favorite coffee gurus Jimseven AKA James Hoffman and reading his latest post, I thought it was worth sharing in my community. Many of you want to improve your coffee experience and despite the information available on the web, and even on our blog, is disparate and requires a somewhat arduous search for information for the newbie. Then I discovered that the website has put online, in collaboration with James Hoffman, a series of coffee training courses, including one on espresso that is completely free. You will see the effectiveness of this gift, because completing it will make you want to buy the next one for $14.

I share this information with you with enthusiasm given our quality positioning. The more our customers know the basics of coffee preparation, the more they will be able to appreciate the quality of our coffee offering. I would go even further by asserting that the majority of professionals in the catering profession have very limited knowledge of coffee and that this training helps to democratize the art of coffee preparation. It is therefore to be shared.

I followed the training with interest to see if I was recommending a mediocre product to you, but it's really quite the opposite. This is training that every coffee drinker should follow, but especially all coffee professionals. Note that the training courses are in English, but you can add subtitles with the video menus.

Espresso training includes videos accompanied by text. The progression of knowledge is well constructed and follows the same order as when I do barista training.

Espresso training - - espresso training This training will surely impress many who will perhaps realize that in the world of espresso, the expression “go big or go out” is de rigeur. If you own a Bréville Café Roma for example you may be slightly disappointed with your machine following the training which demonstrates on a La Marzcocco GB/5.

When it comes to coffee brewing training here, we can say that everyone will benefit from it. - coffee training This section covers, step by step, brewing coffee with different methods (plunger, chemex, aeropress, cold brew) and gives tips for getting better coffee, how to buy good coffee, etc.

Coffee training -

In short, these training courses are a must. And since I don't think I could have done better than what they did, I'm happy to share them with you. And don't hesitate to send me your impressions and discuss with us following the training.

Dany Marquis


  • Anne

    WoW !! Merci ! :D

  • hanafi mourad

    formation de café merci

  • Myriam

    Super intéressant! Vidéos bien constructives. Merci beaucoup!

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