Fellow Atmos Airtight Glass Container
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Fellow Atmos Airtight Glass Container



Coffee storage at its best with this airtight container from Fellow. Delay the degradation by degassing your coffees by removing the air from your container.

With the integrated pump, suck in air to prevent oxidation and increase the life of your coffee.
The pump is integrated in the cover.
It is a manual pump, without battery.
You just have to turn the cover from left to right, alternately, until the little black button pushes in and shows the green circle. You've sucked all the air out of the container and the container is now locked to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of coffee and other pantry items.
A waterproof silicone gasket prevents air, moisture, odors and other unwanted from entering.
To open it, simply press the button in the center of the lid to release, let air in and release the lid.
This container can also be used to store other dry foods that could benefit from air deprivation.