colombia coffee - galaxy 88

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colombia coffee - galaxy 88

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Roue des saveurs de colombia coffee - galaxy 88


Edwin Noreña is a producer and successor of Finca Campo Hermoso, following three previous generations. Edwin's contribution to the family legacy is transforming the estate into a specialty coffee hub. He is an agro-industrial engineer by profession with further studies in biotechnology. Edwin is a well-educated and highly ambitious coffee producer who focuses on cultivating carefully selected varieties and on how to pair them with exceptional processing methods. His lots are designed to express surprising, memorable, and above all, the most delicious notes possible.

Edwin's process for this particular Gesha is a combination of unique steps. A 72-hour fermentation with whole cherries is followed by a 96-hour depulped fermentation, both with carbon dioxide injection. The second fermentation is inoculated with what Noreña calls the "mossto," or "must," the sticky, sweet flow from the first fermentation of whole cherries (a technique known as "back slopping"). Galaxy hops are also added to the secondary fermentation, and finally, the coffee is sun-dried for 15 to 25 days. Oxygen-free, or "anaerobic," fermentation environments, like those described above, have gained favor among coffee processing specialists for the unique flavors and piquancy they can add, as well as for creating exaggerated characteristics in the cup compared to what we are used to.

This limited lot of Galaxy-hopped Gesha is a vibrant way in which Edwin Noreña enjoys enhancing the already unique characteristics of this cultivar. Very floral, hop-rich, slightly sophisticated, and totally fascinating, there is no doubt that something a bit quirky has happened in this coffee. As its name suggests, it offers a galaxy of aromas. Yes, there is indeed a lot of hops, but also ginger in its body, along with strawberry, blackcurrant, and black tea, accompanied by hints of rooibos tea, spicy berry tart, as well as mint and Ube.





Houblon, Floral, Gingembre, Fraise, Thé noir, Cassis, Thé rooibos, Menthe

Variété botanique






Edwin Noreña


1600 m


Circasia, QuindÍo