Chemex glass Coffee maker
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Chemex glass Coffee maker

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This Chemex coffee maker allows you to make very good quality filtered coffee.

The coffee maker has a clean and elegant design.
Its simplicity of design and neutral materials make it a practical and easy-to-use coffee maker
The Chemex Coffee Maker is used with a simple filter to place on top of the coffee maker. We recommend that you use the Chemex filters.
The Chemex coffee maker was invented in 1941 by doctorate Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. On permanent display at MOMA New York and other museums, Chemex is a true work of art. Chemex is a family-owned business with headquarters in Western Massachusetts, where Chemex coffeemakers, filters, kettles and accessories are manufactured for worldwide distribution. The iconic Chemex has remained unchanged for 70 years and this coffee maker continues to be the favorite of many coffee tasters.