Hario Syphon Next 5 cups Coffee Maker
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Hario Syphon Next 5 cups Coffee Maker

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When the barista uses a siphon coffee maker, it is no longer a simple preparation of filter coffee: it is a real show.

With this Hario brand siphon coffee maker - and ideally beans of exceptional origin - the coffee experience becomes indeed a delight for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.
The Coffee Siphon NXA-05 has a maximum capacity of 600ml, enough to make 5 cups of coffee.
It works like this:
  • water boils in the lower glass chamber
  • the water then transfers itself (vapor and pressure) into the upper bottle
  • we add ground coffee and we brew
  • let infuse for 2 minutes before removing the burner
  • the infusion falls back into the lower chamber when cooled
One tip to perfect your filter coffee preparation recipes is to use a more efficient burner than the one provided in this kit. We recommend the Rekrow brand RK 46001 micro-burner, which provides better temperature control and heat uniformity.