Homemade Brownies
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Homemade Brownies

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This is our take on the best brownies in the world.

The recipe was submitted to our world-unknown tasting committee and it was unanimous! This is truly the best brownies in the world!
For this recipe, the committee was made up of customers from our coffee bar, most of them retired, experts in multiple subjects and daily commentators. They have not been paid and are not at all objective, especially when it comes to tasting chocolate.
They are lovingly cooked in our workshop and have a shelf life of 14 days thanks to their individual packaging.
Weight: 80g to 110g (it's handmade so it varies a bit)

You will see in the product options that we make brownies with some of our chocolates. It's a way to taste the terroir of a chocolate through this decadent pastry that is the brownies. (Our classic brownies are made with our 70% Ténébris chocolate)

Allergy: As the saying goes "everything is in everything", so if you are allergic to anything don't take the chance.