Honduras Coffee - Con Leche

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Honduras Coffee - Con Leche

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Roue des saveurs de Honduras Coffee - Con Leche



Moises Hidardo Hernandez is a fourth-generation producer and is also passionate about the material. Coming from a family of producers, he grew up and learned the best practices and methods since his early childhood on his parent's farm named Cascaritas in Honduras. Located at more than 1200 meters above sea level, in the mountainous plateau of Plan del Rosario in the department of Ocotepeque, it was on this farm that Moises decided to take over from his father by taking over the direction of the large production. Being a great lover of experimentation and now the manager of the farm, he decided to go ahead with his dream in 2015, planting his very first harvest processed through a special fermentation. It is actually since that day in 2015 that this Finca, Carcaritas, became known for creating experimental, extravagant, but above all very tasty batches.


This coffee is a Pacas Obata fermented in lactic acid which has the effect of adding a more intriguing element to the cup. Find an unexpected freshness of melon with the sweet acidity of lemongrass and grapefruit. Secondly, you will discover the juicy note of peach and sweet melting chocolate accompanied by a panela on the tongue. And finally, the spices of cinnamon and ginger come gently prickle this distinguished cup.





Melon, citronnelle, pêche, pamplemousse, panela, chocolat, gingembre & cannelle

Variété botanique

Pacas Obata


Fermentation anaérobie d’acide lactique



Moises Hidardo Hernandez


1210 m


Plan del Rosario, Mercedes, Ocotepeque, Honduras